Year End Awards Eligibility

►  In order to qualify for year end awards, owners and exhibitors must have a current year SQHA membership.

►  Points will be tabulated from time of membership purchase; any shows held prior to buying membership will not be added. 

►  Name of membership in SQHA should correspond with the name of the owner on horse's registration papers. 

►  An exhibitors final total will be based on a maximum of  9 SQHA recognized shows and 3 MQHA recognized shows with a minimum of 4 shows.   

►  An award will be given for every five eligible horses (ie 1-5 eligible horses, one award; 6-10 eligible horses, two awards; etc.). 

►  To be considered an eligible horse, a horse must have placed ahead of one or more horses on at least two different occasions in each class at approved shows. 

►  The Point System is based on a scale from 6-1 depending on the number of horses in the class. E.g. If there are 10 horses in the class, the break down would be as follows: 

     1st - 6 points

     2nd - 5 points

     3rd - 4 points

     4th - 3 points

     5th - 2 points

     6th - 1 point 

No points are given for any placings after 6th place.

If there are less than 6 horses in the class (e.g. 4 horses in the class) the break down would be as follows: 

          1st - 4 points 

          2nd - 3 points

          3rd - 2 points

          4th - 1 point 

Halter classes follow this point system, with the exception of Grand Champion receiving 2 extra points and Reserve Champion receiving 1 extra point, to a maximum of 8 and 7 points respectively.  I.e. highest point class was 6 points, Grand receives 2 additional points to a total of 8 points, and Reserve is given an additional 1 point to make 7 points.  Should halter horses receive points through Grand & Reserve on at least two occasions, they will be considered eligible for their individual class.   


The SQHA will offer year end awards in all performance classes that have been run at least three times during the show season, according to the number of eligible horses.  An award will be given for All Ages, except where a junior and senior class in the same event has been run two or more times.  In that case, points earned in the all-ages class will be allocated to the appropriate junior and senior class.  

SQHA will also offer the following awards:

High Point in all individual Open & Amateur classes




Saskatchewan Youth Quarter Horse Association


In order to qualify for year end awards, Youth exhibitors & owner (if different) must hold a current year SQHYA membership.  Grassroots entries will receive a complimentary SQHYA membership.


SQHYA will offer awards to the Top5 in Youth, Level 1 (Novice) Youth & Grassroots. Points will be accumulated in the same manner as Open and are based on a minimum of 4 approved shows and a maximum of 13 SQHA/MQHA approved shows. All other eligibility requirements will be the same as Open.  Level 1 (Novice) Youth are excluded from the requirement to show in Youth Halter. 

Top 5 Youth

Top 5 Novice Youth

Top 5 Grassroots 

All Youth, EWD, Walk/Trot & Leadline exhibitors will be acknowledged at Year End Awards with an Achievement Award


 SQHA Breeders Group Awards


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